New Things

“Be brave” I tell myself as I decide to do something scary rather than dress as something scary this Halloween.

October back home in England is autumn time, marking the end of summer and the start of the past months falling away into an array of beautifully crisp colours winding slowly down to the winter months. In New Zealand, this month marks the beginning of spring and the gentle breeze into the sunnier months ahead. It seems fitting that my fusion of nationalities and favourite seasons have collided in the most fitting way this year.

Spring has always been my top season on the South side of the world so far. Rebirth, growth and change. What better way to mark the season and Halloween occasion than by starting fresh and jumping into the next adventure?

After 6 years of Capital City life, today will be my last living in windy Wellington. Deep down, I knew that I wouldn’t be here forever, it certainly wasn’t the plan, but along with the many people I’ve met along the way, it captured my heart and became the location of my rebirth and the largest portion of my life in New Zealand so far.

Everything that has happened and every person I have crossed paths with has provided a lesson, all stories for another time, of course, but this one in particular is of the next phase, the next big jump into something fucking scary, but something I welcome with both arms wide open as I walk myself into the world.

This isn’t the first time I’ve packed my bags and moved cities with no idea of what I’m doing but this is the scariest by far. This will be the first time since the age of 15 that I won’t be chasing a career in something I feel I ‘should’ be doing or chasing the next money maker as a way of funding senseless purchasing to fill a hole in my life. This is the first time that I’m chasing my dreams and making happen what my soul needs the most – alone time and growth from change.

Step 1: Decide that you deserve to be happy ✓
Step 2: Be honest about what that looks like ✓
Step 3: Book your flights ✓
Step 4: Leave ✓

This past year has been one of the toughest for many reasons, mainly from being pushed and pulled in directions set by other people. It amazes me, the effect people can have on the direction you life begins to take. This is the main reason I’m packing up my life once again, to start something I’ve decided on, grown in my own mind and brought to fruition. It’s also the push I needed to dive straight into my dreams and live the life that I’ve dreamed of for a really lone time.

Yoga capital of the world, I’m on my way.

Photo Credit: @healthlifehoop
Varanasi, India


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