Necessary Reflection

I’m sitting here waiting for my luggage to arrive at Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi and I’ve just realized, it’s happening! It’s really happening!

I’ve been overseas alone twice before but this is the longest period of time ever spent away from friends and family

I’m excited, not just for the trip itself, but for the peace and alone time. I love my humans so much, but after city life and working in the corporate rat race, I’m ready for soul freedom.

They say that introverts need time alone to recharge, which is true, but I personally also need time out of normality, out of Westernised life and time in a place where karma reigns, people are grateful for everything they have and where there is street food, fruit and freshly squeezed juice every second step I take.

Truth is, I need time away from the toxicity I welcomed into my life from 2 separate angles and the city where it all happened.

This trip away is my time to reflect on how far I’ve brought myself after a rubbish time and situation, and to submerge myself in something that heals me and opens my soul to the possibility of what I’m truly capable of.

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you” – Andrea Dykstra

This is the break that I need, and I can’t wait to see how much more I will to grow from this experience.

Reflection through meditation

It’s necessary to reflect on the things I’ve allowed into my life over the past wee while, things and people I’ve allowed to determine the actions I take for myself and allowed to control and influence my sense of peace; so I reflect every once in a while as a reminder of how far I’ve come in just a few short months.

Forgive and forget those who have or tried to hurt you?
Not quite, but this is my version of shaking off the shit.

To forgive is to dwell on the past, and as the day changes we become different people than we were yesterday. 
Instead, reflect on who you are, how far you’ve come and shake away what doesn’t matter.

Be at peace in the knowledge that you can move on, without closure from what once tried to break you.


Top Photo Credit: @healthlifehoop
Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi

Bottom Photo Credit: @thecompassionatetraveller
Arakashan Road, New Delhi

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