Delhi Belly and Making Friends – An Awkward Humans’ Tale

India, you have stolen my heart once again.

This huge and thriving city  is exactly the same as the last time I was here: polluted, humid and crowded.

Immediately after dropping my bags at the backpackers I found on Air BnB whilst waiting for my connecting flight in Singapore airport, food and coffee. Paratha for breakfast is something I’d like to keep up forever because who on this earth doesn’t like spiced potatoes stuffed in bread and served with a delicious hot coffee on the side? If you know me, you know I love love love carbs and this is my favorite variation of carb on carb goodness. Pass the spuds and cardamon.

I only stayed in the City for 20 hours this time but still to managed to squeeze in an auto rickshaw ride around the CBD, set foot in Connaught place again, eat everything, drink all the juice, find a perfect coconut and end up at a very random and surprise coffee date/meet/whatever you can call being asked if I like coffee, offered to be shown the best place in the city, be followed inside and then pay for this mans coffee (I have to say it was a lovely chat and I learned a lot about Cal, that Nepali people are lovely and that saying no to lunch was probably best for my wallet) and the beginning of a not so beautiful 3 day relationship with Delhi Belly.

Oh yes. Have you ever woken up at 5am in a cold sweat, aching from head to toe and feeling like you might actually be about the live in the bathroom? Welcome to DB.

I’m very lucky that the sucker took 2 days to kick in and only lasted for 3 and a half days, which didn’t ruin my exploration time of Rishikesh or trying all the foods and soy chai I could lay my hands on. I’m even luckier that I have a wonderful friend who lives locally and more than kindly brought charcoal and snacks to the guest house I was staying at. KiranJi, you truly are an life arsehole saver.

Delhi Belly Survival Kit:
1. Filtered water
2. Oral Re-hydration Salts/Electrolytes, sugar cane juice or coconut water
3. Activated charcoal
4. Plain crackers or toast

Feed yourself and gain some weight whilst you have the chance guys.

The only thing you can do when this thing hits it to sleep, drink as much water as you can, eat snacks when you can and don’t panic. Take your charcoal tablets 5 at a time and have anti-biotics at the ready if it feels like it’s really really bad. You’ll only really need to call a Dr if the AHHHH’s continues for more than one week or you start to become really dehydrated and/or really can’t leave your new toilet home.

I thought only ending up with a chest and sinus infection the last time I visited India was about as unlucky as I was going to get but DB really does take it out of you. Literally.

Awkward Human Making Friends

It’s really hard to meet new people when you love to be alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but after any period of time with more than 1 other person I need to recharge and be with just the universe and a good book by the end of the day.

I’ve never had trouble meeting people and finding company for a day excursion or somebody to have a nice chat to, but being a generally awkward human and somebody who worries that they’ve said the wrong thing, it’s exhausting being away from my mains and making new friends. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have a very dry and candid sense of humor so the fear of this not being received well is real.

The past 2 trips away alone have taught me that there’s no better way to immerse yourself in a new experience than by just saying hello. It doesn’t have to be a life story or anything intelligent, just a hello. Me being me (as any friend of Hoop will truly know) I’ll almost always lead with some sort of poo joke and a really bad pun and this seems to do well most of the time.

The thing that’s really kicked me up the arse when it comes to meeting new people is that you can’t win them all. Some people genuinely won’t warm to you and that’s okay. Once I realized that this is completely normal and perfectly fine and in line with how life is supposed to work, I’ve found my lady balls and keep my head poked out of my shell when around people no matter where I am.

I understand that this isn’t always the case and some people really do even find that step difficult but I promise you, the worst that can happen is that somebody won’t find you funny, witty or even want to say hello back and you know what, that’s okay. They aren’t your people anyway.

I’ve only been here for one week and already met so many amazing people. It’s a multi-national extravaganza and although it’s early days, I hope I continue to make jokes and share yarns with some of these bright and beautiful souls I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with so far.


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