Yoga Teacher Training and a good ol’ fashioned yarn

There’s something about rooftops in the evening.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re great during the day when you can see everything for miles around, but in the evening, perfection.

The breeze at this moment is delicious, the temperature is just right to only need a light jacket and there’s a beautiful temple on a hill to my right lit like a Christmas tree, making me miss home a little but be grateful and overjoyed to be away from that normality at this time of year. It’s got me feeling like a good old fashioned “Dear Diary” and reflection of the week so far.

There’s something about India that shakes my soul. I’m unsure yet if it’s the people, the earth beneath my feet or the general vibration of this this beautiful and karmic wonder. Either way, I’m in the right place and more than grateful to be here.

The yoga course so far has been wonderful.

I arrived here with no expectations as to what was going to happen, who was going to be here or how the course was going to go down and this seems to have made the experience what it is so far. Expect nothing and you shall receive more than you ever could have dreamed of.

Yoga Philosophy, you got me. I thought I was going to love Philosophy when I joined a college course for it back in 2006 straight of High School, but naturally flunked when my love of marijuana, being lazy and asking more questions than even a Philosophy teacher can handle set in. I rightly gave up on that side of me and moved along to the ‘more important’ subjects such as parties, boys and a year of terribly poor choices.

Fast forward 11 years and here we are, not only enjoying the subject but clearing a space in my heart and soul for a continued self-education in this mind boggling and soul capturing subject. I never thought I’d enjoy studying, but I’ve found myself asking google questions before bed, asking the universe questions while I meditate in the morning and asking myself “what on earth happened to Jess Hooper?”

Being a yoga teacher is so much more than just bending double, teaching other people how to do the same and getting paid to keep fit and calm. It’s a life style, a frame of mind, and something that is continuing to change my perception of everything around me.

Pranayama class has me wondering what I can find within myself to cleanse and improve, how my energy affects other people and how I approach situations; Swara Yoga has answered my unspoken questions as to why my love for the moon, walks during the evening and first light make my soul sing; Astanga Class has me wishing I’d spent more time practicing triangle poses in the lounge at home rather than at Yin class and freestyling in the garden, but grateful to be deepening the practice on a level I never even considered achieving at the same time; Hatha has taught me that no amount of gym and practice in your own time can prepare you for an Indian teacher trainer and the people here have made the hunger to see more of the world, meet more people from outside of my comfort zone and face fears head on and with giant lady balls, so much stronger.

The course as a whole has made me wonder why on earth I didn’t do this sooner but happy and incredibly grateful and proud of myself for being here and not only feeling like I deserve to be, but that Ican and will be doing this for life.

Lights out is in 15 minutes so I’ll wrap this up and get my tiny booty to bed.

Grow every day. Never pick faults within yourself, but find ways to enlighten yourself more and more. Shine brighter and shine that light far. Be so you that nobody can argue that this is who you are. Smile as soon as your eyes open and remember that you do deserve to be here. Be free, no matter where you are or what your situation is, you do have it in you.

Goodnight beautiful souls x

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