Belated Birthday Reflection

Birthday Gratitude.

In true Hoop (Jess) fashion, this post is hideously late. I’ve been enjoying life, books, walking and yoga too much to sit in front of my laptop for too long.

I’ll keep it short and sweet-ish.

My birthday this year was the best one I’ve ever had. Not only was I in my spiritual home and favorite country so far, I was in the right place for my soul at that moment.

There was a day of amazing humans, yoga, learning and delicious food. There was an evening of all the amazing humans together eating chocolate cake, dancing, finger guns and giggles. I asked for nothing and got everything in return. Thank you universe!

I made a promise to myself this year, a resolution if you will, to live as heartfully (I disagree with my computer that this isn’t a word) and as spiritually and adventurously loudly (this makes sense if you let go of what you know about real words) as I possibly can. Why? Because for the first time in these 28 years of this life I feel like it’s the time to be as myself as I can be without being embarrassed or scared.  Depression, anxiety, anorexia, shitty years and making terrible choices,  be gone.

So what’s next for this one?

Being 2 years away from turning dirty thirty it’s time to start ticking things off of the life long ‘wish and only ever dreamed of’ list, so I booked a scuba diving course to start tomorrow afternoon in Sri Lanka and I’ll be taking surfing lessons over the next 4 weeks.

I’m playing with the idea of spending 6 months to a year in this wonderland that is India, not sure when exactly but certainly no later than 2019. Has anybody spent this amount of time here and have you any advice or words of wisdom when it comes to upping sticks to this end of the globe? I’m assuming it will be much like the migration from England to New Zealand only without the family and all I’ll have is what fits in my backpack. Any advice, please hit me with it because I’ll take all the help I can get.

Any who, back to researching Sri Lanka delights 3 hours before I jump on the plane to Columbo (last minute wonder).

Much love, shine bright and for goodness sake, smile. Smile so big your face hurts, so big that people think you’re mental and live your dreams. Be so you that nobody can argue that this is who you are. Live your life


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