Rishikesh – The yoga capital of the world

I fell in love with this city.

The energy in this place is phenomenal. I can’t even begin to explain the vibration and sense of peace I feel sitting beside Mother Ganga, just watching the sun move from one side of the sky to the other. As always, I dipped my fingers into the calming yet mighty waters of the Holy river and right then knew that I’m in perfect place to start my new yoga journey.

The Asana classes are like no other; the level of movement, adjustment and knowledge is incredible here. Think you’re good at yoga? Think again! The best part of this being here has been  learning that no matter how much or how you practice, there is always something to improve and let’s face it, learning is not only fun but empowering.

I understand now why this is the yoga capital of the world.

I had the privilege of attending a philosophy class led by B.K.S Iyengars son, which was just glorious. Every word resonated on a level I wasn’t even aware I had. This subject is definitely one I’ll self study and continue to grow love and passion for.

Daily walks and meditation are so easy and a true delight in this city and I couldn’t recommend it more for somebody who needs time out and to realign where they need to be going in life.

A few of us managed to squeeze in 2 beach cleans as part of Karma Yoga which was really rewarding and going to be a large part of my next visit, clean up and help to reduce plastic waste. It’s heartbreaking how much rubbish is just laying around everywhere, worse than anywhere else in the world I’ve seen.

As always I ate everything. Everything! The food here is amazing with loads of vegan options available in most places. Everywhere has a reverse osmosis water filter so there’s no need to worry about salads and fruit so you really can go ahead an eat whatever your heart desires. Something I love about this country in general is that every cafe and restaurant serves fresh juices depending on the fruits in season. at the time…juice me up every morning!

Amazing places to eat with delicious vegan options:
Soul Kitchen – The best veggie burgers and most consistent WiFi (which is really handy f you don’t have ab Indian SIM card to get you thto
Little Buddha Cafe – The best platters and salads
Shambala Cafe – The environment and food are really great and it’s only a short walk over the Lakshman Jhula bridge.
Omkar Cafe – The best value for money when it comes to portion size. Anything you could think of waiting is here, plus more.
The French Bakery – The best coffee in Rishikesh with a beautiful slice of  vegan chocolate cake. Price, who brightens the place every day, rain or shine, is a little legend and made my days.
Yoga Village Ayurvedic Cafe – The best vegan cheesecake and natural brownie I have ever tasted. The service is here is incredibly polite and you can rest easy knowing each meal has been prepared with love and health in mind.
Street Food – Forget what people say about street food being the source of a bad stomach. If it’s spicy and oily you’re probably going to get the runs, but I found most places to be really tasty and not the source of the permanent shits I had this time around.

As mentioned in a  recent previous blog, I’m coming back and aiming for the end of next year, for a minimum for 6 months. There is nowhere else I would rather be
to grow my Asana practice and nowhere quite as beautiful as by the Ganga to be alone with the universe and my own mind.

The next year is going to be full on and busy saving to make sure I get there, but I’m so excited for what’s to come in the next 12 months that no matter what life throws at me,
I have my arms wide open and ready for it.

I can’t really put into words how awesome and life changing the past 5 weeks have been, so I guess all I will say is, this place left me speechless and had me crying in the taxi to the airport.

If you feel something in your soul, do it immediately. If you love something, do it more. If you really want something, fucking do it.

See you next year Rishikesh!


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