Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to exploring a new country, this town is truly beautiful. At just a 2 and a half hour bus ride from Columbo, this gem truly is a sight everybody who has the chance to see should see with their own eyes.

Completing my open water dive certification here was such a joy, the beach here is the perfect place to relax with a good book, a watermelon and a couple of mangoes. If all of the people in Sri Lanka are as helpful and kind as they are in Hikkaduwa, I’m going to love the rest of the country.

The first few evenings were stormy but it didn’t ruin a thing. Sitting in a restaurant with a cup of Ceylon tea listening to the tropical rain is so peaceful and calming I couldn’t help but enjoy those evenings the most.

Anti social Hoop made it to a party at a local bar which was pretty rad, and for somebody who doesn’t go out and hasn’t had a beer for a while, I made it to 4am and had an awesome evening. Who I spent the evening with really made it was it was and it was the best night I’ve had in a really long time. A stroll along the beach back to the guest house with flashing skies to accompany the vibe was a real highlight. If you can’t let your hair down on holiday, when can you?

Speaking of beaches, the evening has been the best time to see the ocean front. I had the pleasure of watching a turtle dig a hole, lay its eggs, bury them and take a tired stroll back to the sea to swim away in the hopes of being reunited with it’s babies in a few weeks time. Nature is incredible!

The food is exquisite and I finally, at the advice of a wonderful human, tried out a local curry. Delicious. This country is a coconut milk lovers dream. My favorite place to eat so far has been Parrots Paradise thanks to not only the food, but the staff and owner. I’ve never known anybody in the hospitality business to open their door and allow anybody to sit in the beach front seats and eat their own melon whilst they’re closed for the day. Thank you!

If you’re lucky enough to visit,  make sure you head to the Tsunami museum, outlining the event of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami which affected Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and most of the surrounding countries. Prepare for tears as you browse through the photos of the disaster and listen to stories of orphaned children and the
loss of life. It really got me thinking why the Thailand aspect of the disaster received more coverage in western countries considering the death toll and economic losseswere far greater in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Food for thought.

If you love turtles, head to the turtle sanctuary. These guys are amazing and are working really hard to save these beautiful creatures. Due to poaching of eggs for food or income, fishing net accidents or the general dog eat dog world of the ocean, turtles need help. The team at the sanctuary buy back poached eggs at a higher price and keep them safe until they’re hatched, grown and ready for their natural home, as well as rehabilitating turtles with missing limbs and broken shells, teaching them how to swim so that they can be released and survive. I’m thankful that people with this drive exist to help save lives.

So, would I recommend this town? Yes! Talk, relax and bring a book, this is the perfect place to read it. Buy and eat mountains of fruit everyday and enjoy the scenery and feeling of this incredible beach-side town, I promise you won’t be dissapointed.


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