Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sometimes in life, plans change.

I arrived in Galle with every intention of visiting the fort there and starting a long journey to Ella in the hills. Once I arrived I was surrounded by pure Chaos. Don’t get me wrong when I say I needed to get the fuck out of there, Galle seems lovely but it was really hot, loud and there were too many people. After spending a week in Hikkaduwa I just needed to be near the ocean, be away from noise and people and just chill. I was really missing diving too and the notion of not being able to do this inland made me really quite sad. After getting my phone unlocked and buying a SIM card, I sat in a cafe, looked at my map and just picked a place. Mirissa it is.

The bus ride was great, the local transport is frequent and comfortable if not a little warm and cramped, but I really don’t mind that considering it cost only 96c (NZD). I stumbled across a guest house by a private beach which was within my budget so of course I locked in a room for 3 night.

Talk about the universe providing you what you need at just the right moment. Bliss. The garden area of the
guest house is truly beautiful and set up for any kind of relaxing you can imagine, complete with hammocks. I went for a delicious swim as the sun was setting, took a refreshing cold shower and ate the best veggie fried rice I’ve ever eaten. The owners can cook! I’m really lucky they had this option as they invited me to a BBQ but
being vegan, fresh fish wasn’t going to be for me.

Sunrise yoga, meditation and pray with my Mala at the beach. Did
I really just die and wake up in paradise?! Yes. Would I reccommend Villa Sea Open Space? 100%.

I met an angel in Rishikesh and somehow managed to meet her again here in Mirissa! Rachel is one of those human beings who makes you glad to be alive and in the place you’re in. Sue really did brighten my stay in this tiny but vibrant town.  We spent the day wandering, ate fruit roti, explored the beach and caught up, which is something I didn’t expect to happen but am delighted did.

Two more dives added to the list and ad good as the team were, I missed the Poseidon divers and the rocky goodness Hikka has to offer.

Talk about practice makes perfect (okay okay, not quite there yet but I felt so much more confident in the water and the only help I needed was for the dive master to add a couple of loose rocks he found on the sea bed to my poskets to stop me from floating away). Note to self, if there’s a current, add an extra kg to your weight belt.

We saw so many awesome fish, eels, beautiful colours, coral, rocks…just a whole bunch of incredible below level beauty. I think I know where most of my money is going to go on the rest of this trip so my accomodation an food needs to be pretty effing budget. I don’t mind that though, in the ocean has joined my happy place of by the ocean.

This is way longer than I meant it to be so I’ll end it here. Wrap it up woman. Ramble over.

Have the wonderful day that you deserve, smile, be happy, do something today that scares the shit balls out of you and follow your dreams. No matter how out there or ridiculous you feel that they are. I believe in you!



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