“Diver, diver…are you OK?”

It’s been a while. A couple of week after I posted about my Open Water dive certificate completion, I went back to Poseidon Dive Station in Hikkaduwa and completed my Advanced Open Water certificate. It was all a little same same but different to the OW except I finally learned how to keep my shit together and maintain neutral buoyancy. I also finally learned how to use a compass and can (sort of) find my way around under the water.

Since then I’ve seen some beautiful shipwrecks, deep dive locations, marine life and been sung by a big fucking jellyfish. I still love them and see the beauty in these graceful creatures, but the mark on my arm burns like Harry Potters’ scar in the presence of Voldemort when I see them swim by.

With some gentle encouragement, I took another dive into something scary and completed a Rescue Diver course. Can I get a “HELP, HELP”.

This was my favorite course so far. I’ve never been a good role player so pretending to save somebody wasn’t as easy as I thought but I learned so much and had fun. Erin Murdoch…you absolute legend. This awesome human and inspirational lady is the reason I keep coming back to the same dive centre to learn. She gets the point across in a way that’s eloquent enough for even Hoop to understand and interesting enough that I don’t mind cramming in the knowledge and testing it with an exam at the end.

She introduced me to Blow Job Bob, the CPR dummy and I was sold. Bikini top and snorkel donned, he was ready for me to save his life. Practicals were really fun. My best friend here in SL was my ‘victim’ which made things a whole lot easier, and Erin being Erin made even the scary bits less scary. Except when she grabbed me 7 meters deep pretending to be out of air…good one dudette.

Erin: “Okay so your victim is going to be panicking and he’s going to grab you”
Nimantha: *Panicks*
Me: “Erin, he isn’t grabbing me…”
Erin (whispers): “Nimantha, you need to grab onto her”

You probably had to be there to find the comedy in the situation but seriously, I loved this course, loved both theory and practical and the people I got to work with. If you want to learn or just dive, visit Poseidon. They really are the best, welcoming and have so much knowledge and passion between them and their friendly faces make my day. Ask for Erin…she really is the tits.

So what’s next for Diver Hoop?

More diving. As much as possible. I’m up to 29 dives in 6 weeks and if I can find a way to fund my new addiction, I’ll be diving most days for the next 6 weeks. I will be completing my Dive Master later in the year, no matter where or how, I’m chasing it. Do I want to be in the ocean every day? Yes. Ariel…you can have my legs, I’ll take your mermaids tail, you can be where the people are.

I’ve set my goals so I have something to work towards…50 dives and I buy my own fins, 100 dives and I’ll be looking for a dive computer. Universe, I’ve put it out there, lets make it happen.

If you also love the ocean, marine life, the beach or the environment, I’ll be cleaning the beach weekly to keep the nasty plastics out of the water, come and join. The sunsets are beautiful and it’s an amazing feeling doing something for this beautiful earth.

I do have a bit of a dream to raise awareness and money for marine life conservation and get everybody who’s passionate about the ocean and life together. A BBQ would be perfect but I need help finding local suppliers, a place to hold the BBQ and also a little help promoting it. If you like the idea, know of anybody who can help make the magic happen or anybody who has ideas or things that could be auctioned off to raise extra money for charity, please let me know either through my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Have a wonderful day, smile and remember that you can follow your dreams, even if they are fucking scary!

Facebook: jessicadearrr
Facebook Group: Hikkaduwa Beach Clean
Instagram: @healthlifehoop
Email: jayhooper1989@gmail.com


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