Yoga Teacher Training in the Motherland

Reflection is a beautiful thing. Remembering to post the blog you wrote months ago is even more beautiful.

What did I learn about yoga during during the month I spent with Shakti Yoga Peeth? That I know nothing about yoga.

What did I learn about myself during that month?
That I’m stronger than I think I am, don’t give myself enough credit for the resilience I seem to pull put of my arse on a daily basis, and that I really don’t care about money or career anymore, if I ever even did at all.

Yoga teacher training is like a grocery store, where you collect all of the bits and bobs that you need to cook something amazing. You don’t just stop with the groceries though, you either find the right recipe for you or, if you’re anything like me, you throw a bunch of delicious ingredients that work for you into a pot, create it with love and hope it works.

The month of November 2017 was the best experience I’ve had so far for spiritual growth and learning. Akshi Yogashala/Shakti Yoga Peeth was the right choice for me personally, and I recommend this team to anybody thinking of completing a teacher training course. I found this gem on Book Yoga Retreats and would highly recommend using this site for its ease of use, helpfulness from admin staff should you have an problems or questions and how many options there are to choose from should you have no idea where you would like to go.

On the course, I discovered a love for Pranayama, philosophy and all of the other pieces of the yoga puzzle us westerners seem to forget exist. Movement and bending is such a tiny slice of the yoga pie and I feel truly honored to have learned from and collected the ingredients for this new journey from not only the best teachers, but most wonderful humans.

There wasn’t a day in those 5 weeks that I didn’t park myself to either meditate, clear my energy or just be. Bliss. True and complete bliss. I can’t recommend Pranayama enough. Having a bad day? Breathe. Having difficulty deciding what to do in life? Breathe. Having a bad hair day? Fucking breathe!

I won’t lie, the course itself is intense. I’ve never done yoga more than 5 times in 1 week so twice per day was a much needed shock to the system. Study, study and study again in free time and soak up the Ayurvedic treats in the dining hall. Because I eat a lot of rice and veggies at home it wore a little thin after the first couple of weeks BUT, my body needed it.

Note: I may have snuck the odd (daily) cake in there from the delicious bakery down the road (Prince, master baker, excellent coffee maker and the smiley-ist face in India), but to be honest, I don’t think I would have survived without a chocolate treat…I love cake.

There is down time and a day off once per week to do as you please, but with so much to learn, read and how interesting the subject is, it’s hard not to take yourself to the roof with a hot tea and get absorbed by something yoga related.

So I guess what I’m trying to say through all this garble here is, if you love yoga and learning or need to deepen your relationship with yourself and your passion, don’t think about it, just do it. Pay a visit to Rishikesh, India and go meet the beautiful humans who helped me find my confidence and see the picturesque place where all of the pieces of my chaotic and muddled puzzle started to fall into place.

Shanti, Shanti and Namaste
Have a wonderful day beautiful souls.

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