Pregnancy Update

OK so I’ve been growing the spawn of the Hooper-Gunathilaka family for approximately 8 and a half weeks now. If I go by the theory of counting from the last day of my last period it’s technically 9 and a half weeks, but that whole week before the egg popped and the magic happened nothing was really happening, so we’ll call it 8.5 weeks of gestation so far.

My body feels weird man. A few days ago I had a strange light bubble/pulling/can’t really describe feeling in my stomach around the area where to baby is growing. It was a strange but not awful feeling and I’m sort of hoping that it’s some sort of movement now that the baba has tiny paddles for arms and feet. It wasn’t gas by the way, believe me. In the past 8 or so weeks I have had little gas, big gas, trapped gas, quick to escape gas and to be honest, just all the gas. Still no sickness and the nausea comes and goes, usually appearing if I’m really hungry but I am more tired  than anything else and more tired than I’ve ever been before. I’m resting heaps, watching a lot of YouTube videos, have finished 2 books and am taking frequent naps, which I’m welcoming seeing as though I’ll be working full time again soon. More food means more poop and I’m officially on an everyday to every second day routine (if this level of honesty bothers you, this blog maybe isn’t for you. I wish somebody would have warned me that your anus just stops working as soon as you’re impregnated so I could have saved myself a miserable few weeks of wondering why I’m so bloated and feeling full of shit).

It’s officially summer here now and the heat has cranked up considerably so I’m spending a lot of time indoors and in front of the fan to avoid cooking my own child. As much as I would love to spend all day at the beach, it’s too hot and I feel like I’m going to pass out just walking to the shop. 30 degrees is rough on a pregnant bod and I genuinely have no idea how the ladies here do it. I’m looking forward to the cooler New Zealand weather just a tad.

No matter how many fans you have on you, how much iced water you drink or how many times you stand in front of the open fridge, you are going to be too hot. There is no escaping it. I take cold showers everyday and still walk out of the bathroom with one of those really sexy little bead of sweat mustaches. To anybody who has told me that I am glowing and my skin is looking really nice, it’s probably the gremlin layer that doesn’t leaves my body.

I’m eating more now that we borrowed an electric oven so I’ve been cooking roasted vegetables, vegan pizza and calzone and also bought cereal and soy milk so I have a familiar snack. I found a dairy free dark baking chocolate which is pretty decent and only 315 rupees (approx. $2.90 NZD) for a giant block, so I made cornflake buns (Cornflakes/Skippy cereal covered in melted chocolate, added to cupcake cases and refrigerated until they’re a delicious snack) which as unhealthy and probably the furthest thing from what I should be eating as they are, have really made me smile. Having no appetite for weeks and nothing that tickles my fancy has lead to a bit of weight loss, so really eating a nostalgic treat can’t be too bad, right? The vegan birthday cake was amazing and I’m really thinking of making another one of those but half the size because gestational diabetes is real and I just don’t want to get it. I do want cake though.

The most difficult things about pregnancy so far are no coffee (I know one cup won’t hurt the baba but the tannins in the black magic reduce iron absorption and to be honest, I can live without it if it means Baba H-G get’s as much nourishment from my food as possible), fatigue, being away from my parents and the heat here. The summer weather was welcome last season as I spent most mornings diving and the afternoons laying on the beach like a lizard on a rock but this season, the heat is really really too hot.

Something that’s increasingly worrying me is that when I return to New Zealand in a few weeks, the tap water is no good. I’ve been really spoiled here in SL as our house has a well so all of our tap water, including the shower, is naturally filtered ground water which is so tasty, clean and chemical free. In New Zealand the water is chlorinated to kill the bacteria of the poo of millions of cows that our world famous dairy industry has kindly dumped into our waterways, it’s fluoridated which calcifies the ol’ pineal gland, my water filter is okay but at $50 I’m questioning it’s effectiveness and buying bottled water, which probably still contains fluoride, contributes to the growing plastic pollution problem. Has anybody who’s had a child ever found a sustainable solution that doesn’t cost the earth and really provides poison free water?

Until I find a long term solution, I’ll be filling large containers with spring water from a local public tap which has been confirmed to be fluoride free, thanks to the Fluoride Free NZ website and my best friend for providing this information by the way.

That’s all I have for you for now. I’m currently taking a mini-break in Hikkaduwa which so far has been AMAZING so I’ll send an update on that in the next 3-7 days (if I remember because apparently my brain has fallen out of my arse in the past week or two and I hear I probably won’t regain that brainpower until after the baby is born).

Much love, light and brutal Hoop honesty ❤


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