The 11 Weeks Scan and a Minor Complication

After much anticipation and growing but still no vomit, we’ve arrived at the end of trimester one and had the second scan yesterday to check in on the peanut and make sure everything is going well.

First of all, the peanut is no longer a peanut. It’s a non-prawn looking and beautiful human with fingers, toes, eyes and a really big head. Measured from head to butt, the baba is exactly 11 weeks and 5 days old and looking really lovely. The heartbeat is good and strong, they are now the size of a lime and had their little hand up by their face which was adorable.

Now for the less great but not end of the world (I hope) news. In 2013 or 2014 I had a cone biopsy to remove pre-cancerous cells from my cervix which went routinely and healed well. At the first scan a few weeks ago everything looked good and the ol’ cerv length was normal and healthy. Fast forward 5 weeks and a couple of days and the cerv has shortened by 1cm and started to ‘funnel’ or basically dilate or open. This is a complication that isn’t always to be expected but is a risk after the cone biopsy procedure.

I don’t have the full and accurate statistics but this ‘cervical incompetence’ (sarcastic thanks to which ever twatness came up with that genuine medical term) will in most cases cause pre-term labour or a late miscarriage, usually in the second or third trimester. Due to this risk I’m scheduled for a procedure called a ‘cerclage’ or cervical stitch tomorrow. I’m unsure as to whether or not it will be done under a general anesthetic or epidural but I guess we’ll find out when I meet the OB/GYN tomorrow. I’ll be taking progesterone tablets for the foreseeable future to support the pregnancy and after some research last night, it seems to really work in these situations for a lot of women so I have everything crossed and am manifesting nothing but a healthy and successful pregnancy.

It’s crazy how something can happen by accident and you can freak out about it and wonder if you even want it to happen, but once you get used to the idea of being a parent and see that tiny peanut for the first time and hear that tiny heartbeat, everything changes and all you want is for that tiny piece of both you and your fiancee to grow, be healthy and be born.

If you’ve ever had a cone biopsy or some form of treatment for cervical cell changes of any kind after a pap smear, please look into possible complications if you plan on or think you might want to have a baby in the future as it’s probably a good idea to be well informed. I’ll also take this chance to remind every person reading this blog, please never miss your smear tests. If you’re male and have a mum, sister, lady love or just any female relative, please remind them how important these routine and easy tests are. I was 24 when I found out I was in the final stage before a cancerous change and if I hadn’t had that smear when I did, who knows how things could have gone down.

I’ll update you in the coming days with how everything is and if my legs are working again after possibly being taken out for a few hours. For now, here’s a picture of the nugget and you can find a little video of the peanut in all their glory, fingers, toes and everything human looking on my Instagram page @healthlifehoop

Have a wonderful day beautiful humans. Stay in your light, do something wonderful today for yourself, your friends, a stranger, animals and the earth and be you. Forever, unapologetically you



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