Cerv Hoops, Blood Loss and a Legless Afternoon

Okay, so thanks to a fully functioning cervix (kidding, check my previous blog about the aftermath of a cone biopsy a few years ago), I had a surgery to sew shut the gate keeper and secure the baby in there for the next 200(ish) days.

The procedure is called a ‘Cerclage’ which means Hoop in French (LOL’s for my nickname) and is basically a stitch through the length of the cervix which will support the womb party since mine had shortened by 1cm in 5 weeks and also opened by 2 whole centimeters (literally 1/5 of the diameter it will be at the time of birth).

It was a pretty standard day at the outpatients ward, IV saline to keep me hydrated due to Nil By Mouth, losing a bit of blood and wees all for the sake of tests and what nots, weights and measures and a lot of waiting around.

Surgery was done under a partial epidural (a needle of anesthetic into the spine to numb everything from the waist down), lasted around 20 minutes and was a no fuss procedure. Recovery was fine if not a little nerve wracking considering I had no feeling in the huha, no catheter and had to drink water to get my bladder working before I could be discharged but after (surprisingly) not peeing the bed or falling over when I tried to walk, and after a scan and a hormone shot, I was on my way home.

According to good ol’ Google, recovery can either be bed rest or business as usual. The Dr gave me no aftercare instructions, prescriptions for anything and didn’t say anything about laying flat on my back for weeks so I’m free styling and spending the mornings watching YouTube videos, Friends, reading and eating cream crackers whilst laying down as much as possible to keep pressure off the area, and taking it easy but walking around, washing the bod, making food and going outside in the afternoons. There’s some mild cramping if I sit or stand for too long and I’m living in mild fear because I have a foreign object just chilling in my bits but I think everything is fine so far.

The results of my blood and wee samples came back and I can proudly say that I’m a fully functioning and healthy vegan preggo with no deficiencies, no low anything in the blood levels and no problems in general. I’ve had people comment in the past, “I’d have a real problem having a child with somebody who won’t eat meat” and “Aren’t you worried about your fertility with you not eating red meat” and all I can really say to those ignorant and uneducated swines is, how many babies have you made, how’s your body functioning and aren’t you worried about colon cancer eating the flesh of a dead animal which is devoid of any fiber?

At the end of the day, plants contain protein (where do you think the animals you eat get theirs); green vegetables contain iron (don’t start on the kind of iron you can only get from meat because my iron levels are fine and supporting a doubling blood volume really well); you require vitamin C for sufficient iron absorption which vegans naturally get a lot of with a high fruit diet, so regardless of the quantity of iron in a vegan diet, it’s a quality uptake; fruits,vegetables, legumes and grains contain a lot of fiber keeping the body alkaline and cancer free AND it’s a low fat diet keeping you healthy and safe in the knowledge that you’re further away from heart disease than most.

Even though my appetite has died unless there’s a plate of potatoes, an orange or lime juice or a bowl of crunchy shredded cabbage in front of me, I’m well nourished, a healthy weight for my height, thriving and my belly is slowly growing. I feel great despite having epic fatigue and I’m looking forward to the next 6 months of filling my face with all the vegan goodness New Zealand has to offer and continuing on with a healthy, now secure (I hope) and happy pregnancy and spending time with my friends and family.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day, eat a piece of fruit soon, smile lots and remember that you’re amazing.

Love and light
Hoop x

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