Trimester One Complete: All Of The Bread, None Of The Vomit

Okay so as of 3 weeks ago I am officially into the second trimester of pregnancy, meaning I’m already one third of the way through and time is going really fast. Thanks to whoever was watching over me, I didn’t get any vommy morning sickness and nausea wasn’t debilitating or all the time but my appetite disappeared, all I could eat was bread, noodles, roasted vegetables and potatoes (usually in fries form), all I could drink was home made orange cordial (recipe on my Instagram page), sweet lime juice, smoothies, and water, plus fatigue got the better of me which made getting out of bed to even pee a mission.

As much as older generations like to give us millennials shit for social media use and oversharing, it really helped to connect with people who are also pregnant, vegan, have had healthy vegan pregnancies and women who have also had the urge to eat nothing but bread for weeks. Sometimes you have no idea if what you’re going through is normal, if it’s the right time for it to be happening, if it’s a healthy part of pregnancy or if you’re personally doing the right thing for your baby. I’m really grateful for my friend and vegan mama inspiration, Hannah (The Mermaid Mama – check out her Instagram page and YouTube channel,she is amazing!) who allowed me to reach out several times to check if wanting to eat deep fried anything rather than bananas and papaya is normal and if it also happened to her.

Aside from cervical issues thanks to cancer prevention methods, a small surgical procedure and my libido dying apart from maybe two or three times per week and being heinously constipated, the first 12 weeks weren’t too bad. As sad as I was to not start working at a dive center again and complete my dive master license this season in SL , I feel really lucky to have not been working and having that time to relax, read, watch a movie and nap whenever I needed to because of the genuine tiredness I felt at all seconds of the day. Falling asleep on the bus or in a restaurant while I waited for a snack was a regular occurrence and really inconvenient when you wake up being stared at because you’re drooling on the window or person sitting next to you.

As of 2 weeks ago I’m back at work and loving every second of it. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be tired from doing a job that I love than bored and sitting at home all day because it’s too hot to go outside between the hours of 9am and 8pm (genuinely the situation in SL when you’re preggers and living the village life). I’ve had so much more energy in the past 3 weeks than I had in the first 3 months collectively so I’m happy to be using some of that energy to be customer servicing and hanging out with a rad as bunch of people during the day.

I’ll update you on how the second trimester had been once it’s wizzed past but for now I’ll say this: It rocks in comparison to the first third, my appetite has me worrying that I’ll blow up like a balloon and prenatal yoga has been a life saver for tight legs after standing and/or running around a hot cafe all day. Oh and my bump is non-existent before breakfast but seems to get bigger and bigger as the day goes on, so depending on what time of day you see me depends on how preggers I look.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day, be kind, love yourself and do one thing that makes you smile today.

Love and light and all things peaceful
Hoops ❤



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