Hi, I’m Jessica Rose Hooper, but my close and personals call me Hoop.  I’m a 29 year old INFJ, indigo and vegan mama-to-be on a journey to minimalism, waste free life and figuring out my universal connections and spirituality.

I’m originally from Rotherham, England where I lived for the first 20 years of my life; emigrated to New Zealand with family in 2010; moved to the capital city to live in the rat race at the beginning of 2011 where I stayed for 7 years and then moved back to the sunny and beautiful east coast of New Zealand in October 2017.

After 5 years in the hospitality industry, 5 years in the banking industry, travelling overseas on an off in free time and then spending 6 months in Asia ‘finding myself’, I got married, pregnant (baby is currently referred to as Peanut), found myself back in Sri Lanka for another half of a year, am currently trying to navigate divorce with somebody who lives in a different country, and am back in New Zealand where I’ll be (loosely) permanently based until I figure out how to travel with the eco warrior and compassionate human being I’m currently baking.

I can’t promise daily novels and sexy half naked ‘instamodel’ worthy pictures but I do have my candid and very dry sense of humor, Hoop nugs of wisdom, mental health awareness and (hopefully) encouraging slices of life experience, vegan tips and recipes (coming soon), journey to minimalism and waste free living and parenting laughs for you all.

Enjoy and feel free to say hello if you’d like to chat either online or in person over a cup of peppermint tea, and don’t forget to subscribe to be notified when I publish a new novel for you all to read.

Love and light
Hoop x